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Dr Lungile Ndlovu (Managing Director)

Dr. Ndlovu is a nurse,  a   founder member and the Managing Director  of Khanyanjalo consulting,  a registered, Black female  owned and accredited   company, based in South Africa, with a  special focus on providing training, consulting, research and exclusive conferencing in the many areas. The company has a special interest and expertise in health issues,  and community development programmes, and is  involved with the National and  Provincial Health Departments, doing training, consultancy and conferencing work in many areas.  This includes conducting quality audits in health facilities,  designing and implementing successful leadership and management programmes for executive teams for various hospitals.


Dr Ndlovu  served in the Department of Health for twenty one years. She completed her training as a General Nurse and Midwife in 1986, and in the same year joining the Department as a junior professional nurse, moving quickly from novice to expert along the various ranks of nursing.


Dr. Ndlovu worked as a Deputy Director-Nursing services (Chief Matron) at a regional hospital, a Chief Executive Officer in District and Regional hospitals in KwaZulu-Natal, turning hospitals around in their physical outlook, systems and processes, as well as the general ethos and attitudes of staff within a short period.


Dr Ndlovu studied at different institutions of higher learning, that is the University of South Africa, the University of Natal-Howard College, and the University of Zululand  where she obtained a Doctoral degree in Nursing

She has presented papers at National and international arena. In 2006 she represented the country at the regional World Health Organization conference (WHO-AFRO) on “Strengthening the role of hospitals in Africa, held in Congo-Brazzaville, where she presented a paper on Telemedicine in South Africa.


Over a period of five  years, Dr Ndlovu has  developed a range of approaches for working within local communities and in particular with disadvantaged people, mentoring newly formed co-operatives and supporting the unemployed graduates in strategies to organize themselves, with a view to find employment or develop their small business.



Dr. Ndlovu is a mentor for the health professionals registered for the Albertina Sisulu Executive Leadership Programme in Health care,  at the Fort Hare School of Public Health.  She is also a certificated Coach and a Mentor, fully registered with COMENSA (Coaches and Mentors of South Africa)

She projects an image of the highest personal and professional integrity, and she is a mentor and a role model to a number of professionals and managers.