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Khanyanjalo Consulting is a 100% Black Female owned  company that provides cleaning in private and public sector. The company has been in existence  for the past 10 years, and is accredited provider by the relevant accrediting bodies.  To date the company marks the total of  6years  in its experience of providing the cleaning services to its clients




  • Commercial / industrial cleaning
  • High pressure cleaning;
  • Site cleaning on existing and new developments;
  • Stripping and sealing of floors




 As a Black Economic Empowerment Company we  strive to become an efficient and effective  provider of cleaning and hygiene services to the industrial and commercial markets through job creation for the  previously disadvantaged individuals and communities.


Our mission is to provide an efficient and effective   cleaning and hygiene services to the industrial and commercial markets using environment friendly products, and highly trained staff in line with Health and Safety and Infection Prevention and Control Guidelines.


• Attain the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene

• Provide the right climate and training to attract and retain quality staff

• Create job opportunities for unskilled communities

• Satisfying customer needs by providing a professional and cost effective service

• Provide a  work environment that contains no threat to safety and health for the employee and public at large

• Provide a workforce with the necessary knowledge of work safety

• Provide a  workforce with a positive attitude to work safety

• Provide a  workforce that is physically and mentally healthy